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Certifying a death: our free online service for Doctors.

We offer a hassle-free online solution for certifying a death and completing related paperwork.

Our platform manages your cases and streamlines the paperwork process to make it as straightforward as possible.

Prepare To Die’s service is available at no cost and is fully secure, and you don’t have to register to give it a try.

Summary of a Death Certificate

Summary of a Death Certificate

We provide an efficient solution for creating a Summary of a Death Certificate that adheres to the medical examiner's best practices.

Our platform allows you to complete, verify, and automatically transmit the form to the appropriate medical examiner.

This streamlines the process and ensures that your documentation is in compliance with the necessary guidelines.

Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD)

Fill in the MCCD form with ease using our online platform.

Our system verifies your answers, ensuring they are in line with the latest medical examiner procedures and best practices.

Our service then sends the MCCD directly to the appropriate registrar.

Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD)

Cremation Form 4

Cremation Form 4

The completion of Cremation Form 4 can be done online.

Our platform cross-references your answers to minimize redundant information.

Case management

Keep track of all your cases with ease through our online dashboard, giving you a comprehensive view of each case’s status at a glance.

No Need for Cheques

Receive prompt payment through bank transfer, eliminating the need to handle cheques. Your payments will be directly credited to your bank account, and we provide an annual statement for your accountant’s records.

Free of Charge

Our online service will always be provided at no cost to medical practitioners and professionals. Try it today by creating either a Summary of Death Certificate, Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, or Cremation Form 4.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to create a Summary of Death Certificate?

The new Medical Examiner system requires all deaths be independently investigated by the regional medical examiner. Best practice dictates that you must have a written record of your view to the cause of death prior to contacting the medical examiner.

How do I know which medical examiner to send the Summary of Death Certificate to?

Our software automatically detects the correct medical examiner based on where the death occurred and automatically sends it for you.